Located near a busy cycling route, Railpath Cycles was a new urban bike shop focused on serving the local community. Their target market was identified as the "everyday cyclist" - a person who rides a bike for fun, to commute and to get around the city, and who enjoys vintage aesthetics. With this in mind, they wanted their branding to appeal to local residents as well as to reflect the unique industrial and artistic history of the neighbourhood.

Sketches of Railpath Cycles Logo and Alternative Marks

Given the location of Railpath Cycles was next to an active railroad and a multi-use recreational trail as well as in the middle of a bustling neighbourhood in transition, there was a unique opportunity to have their logo reflect some of these recognizable community features. The combination of the gear, railroad and the winding path is balanced with a vintage-industrial font that helps gives the logo both shape and character.

Vinyl Logo on Front Window

Custom Metal & Wood Building Sign

Branding Guide

In keeping with the rustic natural elements of their shop - stone, wood, metal - we designed a series of custom tags made of kraft cardstock which lend a vintage touch to their products. The product hang tags and business cards provided an opportunity to showcase their alternate logo, and we designed a custom octagonal work order tag specifically for the bike mechanics to use to ensure that all of the shop's paper assets remained visually consistent throughout their open-plan retail space.

Kraft Hang Tags, Business Cards and Work Order Tags


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