The annual Queer Directions Symposium hosted by the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto is an international event that draws attendees and speakers from all over the world; this was the second annual symposium.

The design assets for this event began with the striking image of converging, intersecting lines which were created to evoke a sense of frenetic confusion and displacement, representative of the topic “Queer Diasporas / Queer Transnationalisms”. University campuses are cluttered with posters advertising events and services, so it was paramount that our poster design standout. We intentionally kept the colour palette contrasting and dark, and chose thick bold fonts for the text to create drama and draw the eye in, while paying close attention to legibility.

Poster Design

As part of our design process, we were on site to assess where the event was being held and to determine which channels would be used for advertising as early as possible. This allowed us to tailor our initial concept designs to be flexible, avoiding unnecessary revisions and lost time. From there, we created a cohesive set of posters, postcards, social media advertisements, name badges, and day-of event signage.

Event Signage Outside the Auditorium

Branded Name Badges for Staff and Volunteers

*This project was completed while employed by the University of Toronto*


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