The Christie-Ossington Neighbhourhood Centre was set to open a new facility—The George Chuvalo Community Centre—and was in the process of lobbying for grant funding to support a LGBTQ2SI drop-in program. Working with datasets from three different surveys they conducted, we created a large infographic summarizing the importance of the program to support their funding request.

Infographic for the George Chuvalo Community Centre

The bright colour palette is youthful and eye-catching, with the orange banners providing quick and readable context. The iconography was specifically designed to be racially diverse and gender neutral.

The visual organization of information was specifically designed to be flexible: it can be easily printed on three 8.5"x11" sheets of paper so it could be available in hardcopy for stakeholder meetings; and can also be divided to display on social media platforms as part of a larger advocacy campaign.

Facebook Ad for Funding Campaign Solicitation

Printed on a roll-up banner, the infographic serves as a striking emphasis for their case during meetings and presentations, and can be displayed in the lobby of the centre as a welcoming reminder of the importance of their work in the community.

Infographic printed on a roll-up banner


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