dppd (pronounced "dipped") is an artisanal chocolate company specializing in combining organic fruit and cocoa into high-quality chocolate bars.

Strawberry and blueberry chocolate bars

We chose a watercolour aesthetic for the fruit and boxes to reflect the idea of fruit being "dipped" into chocolate, and the flowing, paintbrush-style typography is a fitting complement. Knowing the brand would have multiple products, we wanted to ensure the logo we created could be used to distinguish between current flavours, and could easily be adapted for future product lines. The colour palette we chose was based on the four original product flavours (kiwi berry, strawberry, blackberry, and blueberry), and can be easily expanded in the future to include other alternates.

dppd Branding Guide

With an ethical focus on using only fair-trade, cruelty free & organic fruit and cocoa, we wanted their branding to emphasize the "freshness" of the ingredients they use.

Kiwi berry wrapped chocolate bar

By highlighting the image of the fruit contained in each bar on its package, each of the 6 flavours is easily distinguishable, and the painted fruits stand out against the stark white background.

dppd chocolate bar labels

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